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This is a great environment with like-minded people. We all want fitness, strength and a healthier life with ZERO judgment. This is a safe place where everyone learns your name, sees your progress and compliments you on it. Members help build you up, help push you and wait for you at the door after a mega lap, because they know you are slow, just to give you a high 5 and say "good job." (Franco, Andrea and Mandy).


I am grateful that I chose to stick around even when my body hurt from the workouts, and that I fell in love with the daily grind and sweat! I am so grateful to everyone at the Trainstation that has helped me, made me laugh when I was about to cry, and that has just smiled in my direction not knowing I am having a bad day or week. I am so proud to be part of this functional fitness journey with you guys and I am in awe of the new family I chose in the TrainStation and its members!


LOVE YOU GUYS and thank you all! You all helped me in ways you probably did not even know.

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