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Being playfully poked in my tummy, being called fat, being told to eat less and being miserable was starting to get boring. It was time to change. I started eating healthily and started looking for a gym to join. I was looking for a gym that offered support, freshly brewed coffee, professionalism, advice, intense workouts for my vitality points, knowledgeable trainers, showers, chilled members and slightly sarcastic owners, all in a non-judgmental environment, and then I found The TrainStation. As an overweight person my biggest fear was entering a gym where there was an abundance of fit people. The fear of being judged was debilitating.  But the truth is that the people who I believed were my support system, were actually those who were judging my new lifestyle, while these people, who I thought would judge me at the gym, were actually the people who supported me unconditionally.


Franco and the team put me at ease and made me feel comfortable in surroundings that were completely alien to me. I can confidently say that The TrainStation changed me.  Inside and outside. I am without a doubt living my best life, and The TrainStation plays a major role in that.

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